12:18 PM

Is the Pillow Cube Worth It for Side-Sleepers?

Wirecutter Blog discusses the benefits and drawbacks of solid foam pillow cubes designed for side-sleepers according to experts including HSS physiatrist Jonathan S. Kirschner, MD, RMSK.

Pillows for side-sleepers are meant to keep the head level and fit the space between the head and shoulder. “A square or rectangle shape could work fine to support the head and neck of a side-sleeper, assuming the pillow is the correct height,” said Dr. Kirschner. He suggested sizing down as you can always add another pillow for more height. Just because you sleep on your side doesn’t mean you need a special “side-sleeping” pillow, added Dr. Kirschner, as it is important to find a pillow that can be customized to fit your body’s needs.

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