18:00 PM

Is Glucosamine Good for Tendonitis?

Livestrong explains the effectiveness of glucosamine for treating tendonitis according to experts including Dena Barsoum, MD, physiatrist at HSS.

According to Dr. Barsoum, “Research studies on its effectiveness in treating joint pain — specifically related to arthritis — are mixed, with [some] studies showing it is no better than placebo.”

She continued, “I typically do not recommend glucosamine based on these studies. However, when patients ask about glucosamine to treat joint pain (usually in the context of arthritis), I advise that while studies show mixed results, some patients do find it helpful."

"The most common side effect is mild GI upset, which is usually alleviated by taking glucosamine with food," Dr. Barsoum noted.

Dr. Barsoum also suggested alternatives to glucosamine for tendon health. “Supplements with anti-inflammatory effects, such as turmeric and fish oil, can be helpful for joint and tendon pain and inflammation,” she added. "Prior to taking these, however, it is important to discuss with your primary care physician as they can also thin a patient's blood and could interact with other medications."

She underscored, “Maintaining a healthy weight and living an active lifestyle are the most important steps we can take to improve bone, joint and tendon health.”

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