11:10 AM

MSG Network

MSG Network interviewed Ioonna Félix PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CTPS, physical therapist at HSS, at the Invesco Tennis Series to discuss her work with tennis players. Félix explained how she manages the full spectrum of rehabilitation (prehab and rehab) in the sports medicine field, her suggested methods to prevent cramping, and common injuries she sees.

“One of the biggest things boils down to conditioning. As we’ve seen, the game has become quite physical over the years, so being properly conditioned, having the right performance and also part of that team is recovery and nutrition,” said Félix. Félix noted overuse injuries involving the shoulder and the knee are common, and advised to spend time in the gym or at home doing exercises to stay strong and fit to ensure more play time and good performance.

This aired during the December 28, 2019 broadcast.