17:32 PM

Innovations Mark New Era for Spine Surgery

Greenwich Sentinel features a perspective by HSS spine surgeon Evan D. Sheha, MD,  about recent advances in approaching spine treatment, driven by a greater understanding of spine challenges and the advent of new technologies that help improve patient outcomes. 

He noted that new innovations can deliver safe, effective results and faster recoveries for patients post-surgery.

According to Dr. Sheha, “At HSS, we’re firm believers that surgery may not be the first nor best option for many patients. Any surgery involves certain risks. We have many non-surgical options to help patients get better and relieve their back issues. For instance, a combination of physical therapy and meds could be the right course. Spinal injections are another option. Time and a targeted exercise regimen could be a third path to follow.”

He continued, “But for the patients who need it, spine surgery can be an ideal treatment option.”

Dr. Sheha went on to discuss three innovations that have improve spine surgery practice: augmented reality (AR), robotics and minimally invasive techniques.

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