11:02 AM

Industry Leaders Rally to Grow Youth Sports Participation; Project Play Summit 2020 Kicks Off

The Aspen Institute announces a new four-year effort by 21 leading sport, health, media and other organizations to grow national sport participation and related metrics among youth. The initiative is called Project Play 2024, which mobilizes industry leaders to develop shared goals and take actions around making sports accessible to all children, regardless of race, gender, zip code or ability.

Project Play 2024 will focus on participation rates for kids through age 12, particularly low-income youth and girls, while consolidating efforts around how to bolster quality, affordable, community-based sport options. This is the second phase of the initiative, which launched in 2017 under the name Project Play 2020 and represented the first time that industry and nonprofit groups have come together to develop shared goals around growing sports participation and related metrics for youth. The members of Project Play 2024 include HSS among others. 

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