15:51 PM

Improve Your Mobility for Better Fitness

NextAvenue interviews Max Castrogaleas, MA, CSCS,*D, TSAC-F,*D, EP-C, FRCms, exercise physiologists at HSS who shared how a complete biomechanical analysis could help you stay active longer.

Writer Kris Herndon got a full biomechanical workup using technology pioneered for elite athletes at How You Move Lab (HYML) a state-of-the-art movement lab, and a personalized fitness and wellness experience at Chelsea Piers, in Stamford, CT. 

Castrogaleas explained, "This is the first non-clinical setting for HSS and our first outreach to the general consumer to help reduce the risk of an injury down the line." He advised that good motion health habits should ensure that you can stay active for as long as possible.

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