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I’m An Endurance Athlete, But Running A Short Race Was Harder Than The Marathon

Well + Good reports while long runs are about endurance and require the runner to think about pacing over the course of a few hours, short runs are all about speed and require the runner to give an all-out effort over the span of a few minutes. Experts including Deborah N. Roche, PhD, sports psychologist at HSS, explain the psychological and physiological challenges presented by each running style.

“When things are hard, naturally our brain is like back off,” said Dr. Roche. “But distinguishing between the bad pain and the good, successful pain, is important. When you’re running for speed, you want to be able to make it to the finish line and know that you left it all out there,” she noted. “You have to visualize what you want in this moment where it feels impossible,” she cited. “By talking yourself up and having phrases that make you feel confident, you can push through walls.”

Dr. Roche concluded, “It doesn’t matter the distance, every race has its challenges. You went into the race thinking ‘I’ve done tons of one miles,’ but those miles were different. You weren’t doing them all out. Just like any challenge, with time and practice, it will feel different, and you’ll get better.”

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