12:02 PM

If You Have Back Pain, a Stability Ball Might Belong in Your Workout Routine

POPSUGAR reports on the use of stability balls to reduce back pain according to HSS physical therapist, Nicola Banger, MScPT.

"Not only can they [stability balls] be used to help manage an acute flare-up of pain, but to also supplement a regular exercise program for prevention of back pain or in rehabilitation for existing pain,” said Banger.

When most think of using a stability ball, ab exercises might immediately come to mind. Banger explained that targeting the core with a stability ball is incredibly common — as core training, can help reduce lower-back pain, improve function in daily activities, and reduce the risk of injury. Banger added that stability balls can be used to “improve balance, proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space), stability, and awareness and control of a 'neutral' spine position," as well as "improve bending and lifting techniques, all of which can help people who experience back pain."

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