14:59 PM

Ice Baths Are the Perfect Way to Recover From a Tough Workout — With a Catch

Fatherly discusses the potential benefits of an ice bath after exercising and includes guidance from Nicholas Jiacopello, PT, DPT, physical therapist at HSS.

Jiacopello explained, “Ice baths can reduce the intensity and duration of post-exercise muscle soreness. This in turn allows you to get back to training quicker and more effectively.”

He added, “One of the biggest reasons ice baths are effective is that cold water constricts blood vessels. This flushes waste and lactic acid out of the muscle tissue.”

Jiacopello continued, “Research has shown that cold water immersion can blunt cellular responses that typically occur after exercise that allow for muscle hypertrophy (the act of muscle mass increasing). This means that prolonged ice bath sessions may wind up limiting long-term gains when it comes to muscle mass and overall strength.”

“An ice bath is still effective up to two hours after you exercise. You don’t have to rush as soon as your workout is done to get those benefits,” he noted.

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