14:40 PM

Hunching Over Your Computer Like a Buzzard Is Not Helping Your Back

The New York Times reports on computer related back pain according to experts including Nnaemeka Echebiri, MD, physiatrist at HSS. 

Unlike “tech neck,” a common term for repetitive strain caused by looking down at phones and tablets, back pain caused by hunching over a computer can afflict the neck, shoulders and entire back, said Dr. Echebiri. 

Backaches happen for a host of reasons and are best evaluated by your doctor, Dr. Echebiri said. 

To help prevent pain and keep your back strong, Dr. Echebiri recommends yoga, the elliptical machine, walking and swimming. 

Dr. Echebiri also encourages you to re-think your binge watch position and suggests positions that are better for your back and neck. He recommends sitting upright in bed, putting a pillow vertically behind your back, and placing the laptop on a breakfast tray or a stand. “I know it’s not as relaxing as reclining and watching TV,” he said, “but it’s definitely going to be better for your back and neck.”

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