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10 Ways To Help Sore Muscles When You're Training For A Marathon Or Other Tough Fitness Feat

Women's Health Magazine highlights how to help with sore muscles while training for a marathon according to experts including Elizabeth A. Cody, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS. 

Whether you're an avid weight lifter, runner, or HIIT enthusiast, some level of muscle soreness is probably inevitable. And if you’re training for a marathon, a few (or a lot of) aches is pretty much par for the (literal) course. That said, there are research- and expert-backed ways to help sore muscles, even if they won't spare you the discomfort altogether.

Your feet work very hard when you run, and you place a lot of stress on the multiple small joints in the foot,” said Dr. Cody. “And just like the other muscles in your legs, the little muscles in your feet can get overworked and sore.” In addition to massage (again!), here are four other strategies Dr. Cody recommends:

  • Recovery sandals: “These have very thick, cushioned soles to take stress off the foot,” Dr. Cody said. 
  • Foot exercises: “Working on strengthening the little intrinsic muscles of the foot is very important for runners,” advised Dr. Cody. Try to push your toes down to the ground without curling them or use your toes to pick up marbles.
  • Stiffer sneaks: “The more flexible the sole of the shoe, the harder your little foot muscles will have to work,” Dr. Cody explained. 

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