10:37 AM

HSS Sports Medicine Surgeon & Giants Team Physician Dr. Scott Rodeo on this year's Draft

HSS sports medicine surgeon and New York Giants team physician, Scott A. Rodeo, MD, joins Giants SVP, Medical Services & Head Athletic Trainer, Ronnie Barnes, and Giants Former All Pro Wide Receiver & Ring of Honor inductee, Amani Toomer, to discuss the 2020 NFL draft and upcoming season amid the COVID-19 crisis.

With regard to plans for bringing players back, Dr. Rodeo notes, “On the medical side, we’re trying to learn as much as we can each day and each week. As new knowledge comes out, leadership at HSS has done a great job at keeping us apprised of the latest information, as far as the status of testing - new tests coming out and the accuracy of those tests. We can use what we’re learning at the hospital now in taking care of these [COVID-19] patients, to help advise teams as far as takeaways to bring our players back, and not just for the safety of the players, but for the staff and the fans.”

This video interview originally appeared on Giants.com.