17:52 PM

HSS Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Charlton Stucken Helps Introduce an Exciting App for Injury Prevention

ESPN West Palm interviewed Charlton Stucken, MD, orthopedic surgeon at HSS about the HSS developed app called RIIP Reps that enables schools, clubs and leagues to easily implement neuromuscular training programs to reduce injuries and improve performance. The app is for ages 13 and up and the program builds athletic strength, agility and control when accelerating, stopping, cutting, jumping and landing. 

“Neuromuscular training is a series of specific training activities that you can do that help out with strength, agility and control when you're trying to accelerate, cut, pivot and land. The goal is to try to avoid these types of injuries before you get them,” said Dr. Stucken. 

“In general, ACL injuries are what we are trying to prevent. It's that non-contact type of injury. We are seeing it more and more in our young athletes. We have seen an over 300 percent increase in ACL injuries over the past 20 years. That is significant. All of these sports that require cutting, pivoting and twisting are the ones we worry about.  Research has shown we can drastically reduce the rate of ACL injury by about 50 percent if we can preventively work on this neuromuscular training,” explained Dr. Stucken. 

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