08:52 AM

HSS, LimaCorporate: 1st Provider-Based 3D Printing Facility for Complex Implants

OrthoSpineNews (OSN) reports HSS and Italian device manufacturer LimaCorporate broke ground on the first provider-based 3D printing facility for custom complex orthopedic implants. At the new onsite facility, patients will be able to be scanned and their custom implant will be tailor-made in the new lab. The facility is expected to be operational by early 2020 and will begin serving hospitals in the region prior to making the devices available to all U.S. providers.

Leonard Achan, RN, MA, ANP, chief innovation officer at HSS, provided commentary to OSN about the collaboration, citing, "HSS and Lima had been working very successfully together on multiple projects under a Master Development Agreement since March 2016, leveraging HSS’ clinical knowledge and expertise and Lima’s technical competencies with additive manufacturing to solve musculoskeletal problems. At the same time Lima had placed a strategic emphasis on building its ProMade custom implant business, a market segment that can benefit greatly from use of additive manufacturing and that is fairly underserved in the orthopedic industry.”

Read the full article at Orthospinenews.com.

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