07:00 AM

HSS Invests In Sectra Orthopaedic 3D Planning Software

Orthopedics This Week reported that HSS is utilizing medical imaging and cybersecurity pre-operative planning solutions from Sectra. William M. Ricci, MD, chief of Orthopedic Trauma Service at HSS, explained that the software would improve the quality of pre-operative planning with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

He told OTW, "this platform is an example of how technological advances can impact clinical care. Traditionally, clinicians used 2D images from plain X-ray and CT [computed tomography] scans to evaluate 3-dimentional fractures. 3-D reconstruction technology became a useful tool to further evaluate anatomic structures, but individual images remain static, individual displaced fracture fragments could not easily be manipulated relative to one another. Sectra's new 3D pre-operative planning solution allows us, at HSS, to take the next step forward. We can now identify and manipulate the anatomic parts in 3-dimensions on a workstation in our office, just as we might intra-operatively. This technology can only improve our understanding of, and ability to anatomically reduce fractures leading to more efficient surgery and improved patient outcomes."

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