17:55 PM

HSS: Helping a Runner Make it to the Marathon Starting Line

WABC-TV interviews HSS patient Nicole Farag who discussed her journey from injury to recovery to return to the starting line of the 2022 New York City Marathon thanks to her medical care team, including physiatrist Dena Barsoum, MD, and physical therapist Debi Jones PT, OCS, SCS.

“The injury was a big fear that it might have an impact on my active life,“ noted Farag. To Farag, running this year’s marathon didn’t seem possible, however her care team felt otherwise. “Essentially for her it came down to strength. Getting her whole body stronger to prepare for when she was running,” said Jones. Dr. Barsoum added, “She was just so motivated to run the marathon. It didn’t seem like there was going to be anything that would hold her back.”

“Without HSS I would’ve stopped running at some point because of the pain. HSS gave me the best treatment ever. They are my heroes,” concluded Farag.

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