07:00 AM

HSS CEO Lou Shapiro: Disruption is a good word

Becker's Hospital Review featured a bylined article by Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO at HSS, who discussed the need to "disrupt" the healthcare industry to improve patient care.

He writes, "there is constant talk that the healthcare system is broken. It's not 'broken'. Every day, millions of people receive care, with lives being saved or improved. Researchers and providers constantly develop new knowledge to help improve care, allowing the industry to do things we never thought possible."

However, Mr. Shapiro notes that the health care system is too complicated and can be improved. "The key word to focus on in 2018 and beyond is disruption," he notes. "Disruption in the industry can contribute to positive changes and impact the way we provide care, as well as the cost of that care."

"We have a responsibility to either contribute to disruption from the inside-out on our own, or to partner with an another organization to cause disruption, which can make a real difference in providing affordable and effective care, and a stronger healthcare industry."

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