11:35 AM

How to Set Up the Most Ergonomic Home Office Ever

Shape Magazine reports on what to know about setting up the most ergonomic at-home workspace, according to experts including HSS exercise physiologist, Pamela Geisel MS, CSCS.

Geisel explained there is a certain posture that will help reduce your risk of developing pain: feet should be flat on the floor with your thighs parallel and knees bent to 90-degrees; the elbows should also be bent at 90-degrees and close to the body, with your shoulders relaxed an back. “This [shoulders back and relaxed] should happen organically if your elbows stay at 90-degrees and your monitor is correctly placed,” noted Geisel. Additionally, sitting all the way back in your chair, with the rest of your body “stacked,” with your shoulders over your hips, and your head over your shoulders. “This will help keep your joints in alignment. This whole joint-in-alignment thing is crucial because, if they're not, you risk throwing your posture and the muscles involved in it out of whack—and that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries,” she said.

As some slouching is inevitable, Geisel suggested checking your posture every 20 minutes or so and straightening yourself out as needed. She also encouraged to make the most of movement breaks to shake out the muscles and get the blood flowing. "Take a break from work and work on opening up your body—particularly your chest and hips—and they will thank you," she cited.

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