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How to Relieve Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Bottom Line Personal interviewed HSS sports medicine surgeon Beth E. Shubin Stein, MD, who addressed nonsurgical ways to treat shoulder pain. 

According to the article, common shoulder injuries are typically caused by inflammation and can be treated with pain management as well as physical therapy.

If you feel pain in your shoulder and movement is restricted, Dr. Shubin Stein recommended seeing an orthopedist to rule out a rotator cuff tear. She said as long as your rotator cuff is intact, you have a good chance of treating your shoulder effectively without surgery.

Dr. Shubin Stein pointed out the importance of managing your pain before starting physical therapy.

"Ice your shoulder for 20 minutes at a time, two or three times a day," she said.

From wall crawls to side stretches, Dr. Shubin Stein highlighted exercises that will strengthen the rotator cuff.

"You can complete this stretching and strengthening program in 15 minutes. Do it twice a week. It's also great for anyone who wants to avoid shoulder problems," said Dr. Shubin Stein.

This article appeared in the April 1, 2018 print issue.