07:00 AM

How to Make Your Treadmill Workout Actually Worth It

Men’s Health writes on ways to improve a treadmill workout at the gym.

"When you’re outside, you’re worried about the terrain, other people, the weather, and changes in the environment around you," says Pamela Geisel MS, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS. "Inside, none of that’s a factor. Inside, you can focus on your form, and then bring those lessons back into the real world where sooner or later, they’ll become natural."

Geisel explains that using a treadmill as part of a HIIT workout can help stave off boredom. "Varying your speed and incline on the treadmill is a guaranteed way to become a better runner," she say. "You’ll also be able to watch your progress closely as the workouts likely become easier."

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