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How to Make Exercising with Arthritis a Whole Lot Easier

CreakyJoints features tips on how to make exercising with arthritis easier according to experts including HSS exercise physiologist Kelyssa Hall CSCS, CES.

Staying active is an important management tool for arthritis. Hall explained, “Lack of exercise can cause arthritic joints to become more stiff and painful. People [with arthritis] who avoid exercise are setting themselves up for more discomfort and possible injury down the road.”

A key benefit of exercise is stronger bones. According to Hall, “Maintaining bone strength is important in preventing weaknesses in the body that can lead to falls and possible fractures.”

It’s also important to listen to your body if you feel persistent pain, and not to over-exercise. Hall noted, “It is very important to not over-exercise because too much repetitive stress on the joints and muscles can cause flare-ups of arthritis symptoms. Over-exercising can cause the muscles to be overly fatigued and less supportive to the joints resulting in more wear and tear.”

Hall recommended investing in comfortable workout wear that is not too restrictive and allows you to move through a comfortable range of motion in a variety of positions.

Pre-and-post workout steps can help with a successful workout. Hall explained, “Pre-exercise stretching can be done after about five minutes into the warm-up and should include stretches that focus on several different muscles including the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, glutes, torso, chest, and shoulders.”

Hall offered additional tips and exercises for working out, and advised not to force a stretch or movement pattern or to work through pain. “Always move through a comfortable and pain-free range of motion during all exercises and mobility work,” she advised.

Hall also recommends applying cold packs after a workout to help prevent inflammation and sooth joints.

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