18:51 PM

How to Fight Fatigue from Chronic Illness and Preserve Your Energy During the Day

CreakyJoints discusses how to manage fatigue from chronic illness and includes guidance from experts including HSS rheumatologist Jessica R. Berman, MD.

Dr. Berman explained, “It’s very hard to restore energy when you have a chronic illness. I often encourage my patients to think about their energy as gas in a car. They don’t have a full tank; they’re starting with half a tank.”

She underscored the importance of movement but starting out slow. “I can’t emphasize enough how much exercise helps with energy. I have my patients work with a physical therapist to set up a program that slowly increases their movement,” she noted.

She continued, “It’s important to just do something, even if it’s not a lot. Over time that will help your muscles become more efficient when you use them, which leads to you having more energy.”

Dr. Berman advised talking with a healthcare provider about fatigue if it begins to affect one’s quality of life.

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