11:28 AM

How to Create an Arthritis-Friendly Bedroom That Makes Life Just a Little Easier

CreakyJoints shares arthritis-friendly tips for creating a safer and more comfortable bedroom according to experts including Varsha Seemangal PT, DPT, MST, USATF-L1, RRCA Coach, physical therapist at HSS.

According to Seemangal, symptoms such as achy, stiff, swollen joints can make it hard for people with arthritis to find a comfortable position and fall asleep. She said it is common to wake up frequently through the night due to discomfort, and this can be known as painsomnia, or the inability to sleep due to pain in your body.

“A firm mattress is advised because it supports the joints of the body better than a soft mattress, which will allow the body to sink into it, thus creating an unsupportive environment for the joints while the body is relaxed,” added Seemangal.

Consider height when selecting a new bed. “Selecting a bed that is too low would also make it difficult to go from sitting to standing in the morning, when most arthritis sufferers awake with increased stiffness in their joints,” she said.

Seemangal also recommended lightweight bedding. “Sheets and blankets, as well as sleepwear, are all recommended to be a breathable fabric to allow for air flow from the body throughout the night.”

And for pillows, “In general, you want your pillow to be a height that supports a neutral spine position, especially for people with arthritis in their neck.”

Finally, the room temperature should be considered. People with arthritis should consider sleeping in a slightly warmer room because, “colder temperatures can cause the joints to stiffen and tighten up even more, leading to a more uncomfortable sleep,” noted Seemangal.

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