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How to choose a mattress: buying guide for 2023

CNN Underscored speaks to experts including Nicholas R. Beatty, DO, RMSK, physiatrist at HSS about choosing the best mattress for your body. 

“Lighter or petite individuals may do well with a foam mattress with medium-firm or slightly less support. Heavier or larger-frame individuals, to achieve that same alignment, may need to opt for something more firm, but then may add a pillow-top softer material to avoid increased body-contact forces," explained Dr. Beatty.

Choosing a mattress for back pain is complicated because it can have many causes, making it difficult to pinpoint it solely to the mattress. When we asked about the type of mattress back pain sufferers should choose, Dr. Beatty said, “It depends. The short answer is medium-firm.”

He also went on to say, “With sleeping, some types of back pain (e.g. spine arthritis) respond well to side sleeping, whereas other individuals might have worsened pain in side sleeping (e.g. certain types of disc herniations).

“A good rule of thumb would be to avoid stomach/prone sleeping or place a pillow under your pelvis/hips to reduce the extension of your low back, and aim for another position of comfort with a medium-firm mattress with good spine alignment, including not using too many pillows to misalign the neck from the rest of your body." 

Dr. Beatty also advised individuals to “consider temperature regulation, room temperature and climate in your decision-making, which can impact sleep.”

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