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How the NFL concussion protocol works and what it means for Rob Gronkowski

The Boston Globe featured Warren K. Young, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, in an article about New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski's recent concussion. According to the article, Gronkowski experienced a helmet-to-helmet hit during the 2018 AFC Championship Game.

Dr. Young, who did not treat Gronkowski, explained how athletes who suffer a concussion return to the field.

"Once his symptoms start improving, then he'll start adding on some cognitive and physical activity — some light aerobic activity, like the stationary bike, jogging, or agility exercises — to see if he can tolerate some of those," said Dr. Young. Additionally, he noted it is not a good sign if the athlete's symptoms worsen with increased physical activity.

Overall, Dr. Young explained that concussion symptoms typically resolve within 7 to 10 days.

If Gronkowski is not able to recover in time for the Super Bowl, which is in two weeks, Dr. Young said "that probably means he has significant enough symptoms that it was a clear, cut and dry case that should not be on the field".

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