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How Hospital for Special Surgery Helps Young Athletes

MSG aired "How Hospital for Special Surgery Helps Young Athletes," part three of the miniseries, HSS Sports Performance Lab. The report features college basketball player Kelly Guarino's journey to recovery after suffering three ACL tears.

Under the guidance of HSS rehabilitation specialist Theresa Chiaia PT, DPT, Guarino performed exercises and received feedback about her form to prevent future injuries.

"The athlete going through surgery or rehabilitation really has to be committed to the process. That's something that Kelly especially has committed herself to and honestly would not have had as great outcomes as she's had if it wasn't for her devotion and her spirit," said Chiaia.

To ensure a young athlete receives continued care, Chiaia explained that physical therapists set realistic expectations about the player's recovery period with their coaches and athletic trainers.

Chiaia, who work with athletes of all ages, at all competitive levels, explains, "you understand the journey that they've been through. It's one of the reasons I became a physical therapist — to be part of that journey."

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