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How Startup Parachute Health Is Bringing E-Commerce To Your Crutches

Forbes reported that HSS is partnering with Parachute Health, a home healthcare service, to streamline its internal process of ordering and delivering medical equipment. According to the article, HSS implemented Parachute Health in January 2018 to receive walkers, canes and crutches for patients.

In general, hospitals typically submit a request for a medical device by paper to insurance companies.

Glenn Garrison, CPO, director of Prosthetics and Orthotics at HSS, discussed the ordering process for patients when they get discharged.

"I've been here at the hospital for 30 years, and the way we made deliveries and the way we charted and shared information hadn't changed very much. Well, now all the sudden we're going down to our roots and foundation, and we are reworking how we're doing everything," Garrison added.

Now, Parachute is integrated directly into the hospital's Epic EMR, and doctors receive a message on their smartphone requesting a signature.

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