15:50 PM

How soon could Curry return? Surgery might make little difference

The Mercury News reports that Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry would likely get back on the court around the same time regardless of if he gets surgery to treat his hand fracture.

“In general, the index metacarpal is a good bone to break if you have to break one,” said Michelle G. Carlson, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, who has not treated Curry. “It is a little easier to come back from than the other metacarpals.”

Dr. Carlson explains that treatment typically includes elevating the hand to avoid swelling and beginning motion therapy soon after surgery. If surgery is not required, a cast or splint would be used for up to a month.

Read the full article at MercuryNews.com. This story also appeared in the print edition on November 1, 2019.