16:55 PM

How Safe Is a 'Holiday' From Bone-Strengthening Meds?

HealthDay reports on a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine finding that a "holiday" from some bone-strengthening medications may come with a slightly increased risk of hip fracture, and includes commentary from Linda A. Russell, MD, rheumatologist and director of perioperative medicine at HSS, who was not involved in the study.

Dr. Russell said the findings are not surprising, given differences in how the two medications "stick" to bone. But they imply that risedronate users may need to restart treatment a little sooner than those on holiday from alendronate, she added.

She underscored that medication is part of the story. People with balance problems, she noted, may want to talk to their provider about exercises or physical therapy that can help with those issues.

Dr. Russell noted, “These medications do not completely prevent fractures. They lower the risk.”

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