17:47 PM

How Muscle Changes With Age

AskMen discusses how muscle changes with age and includes guidance from experts including Brian J. Goonan PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA, ART, physical therapist at HSS, on how to maintain muscle mass.

Goonan explained the importance of resistance training for older adults. “A 2020 review published in the Journal of Sports Medicine examined 22 studies and found that resistance training for two days a week up to 12 weeks on average can improve muscle mass and function in older adults 75 years and older (one study was as little as eight weeks and one up to 18 weeks),” he said.

Goonan also stressed the importance of staying hydrated. “It is very important for older gentlemen to be drinking four to five glasses of water a day. It is common for older males to get dehydrated faster, which could lead to more muscle damage.”

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