02:00 AM

How Hospital For Special Surgery Is Transforming Healthcare: Interview With CEO Lou Shapiro

Forbes features a Q&A between contributor Robert Reiss and Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, about the unique model at HSS that designs personalized care plans, develops efficient care pathways to avoid unnecessary care and costs, and ultimately improves the quality of life long after patients have recovered.

When asked about the key value proposition, Mr. Shapiro explains that musculoskeletal health conditions account for more than 16 percent of total employer healthcare costs. "That said, at HSS we understand that 'value' as more than just financial. Value means the best possible outcomes with the lowest possible impact on the bottom line, including time and performance that is unnecessarily lost.  That value happens at HSS by developing an individualized plan for each patient before they become a patient, ensuring the most efficient patient care pathways to avoid unnecessary care and costs. It's measured also in improved quality of life long after patients have recovered."

"We can reduce the burden of musculoskeletal disorders for individuals, employers and payers through high-quality and cost-effective interventions, and HSS has demonstrated the ability to deliver the highest-value healthcare in these conditions better than anyone else in the world. By continuing to expand our partnerships and demonstrate the type of leadership HSS has provided throughout our history, we have the opportunity to deliver the best resources to make improved musculoskeletal health a reality. That's what our vision for the future of healthcare looks like, and we are committed to doing everything we can to get us there," adds Mr. Shapiro.

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