18:12 PM

How a Sports Doctor Keeps His Joints Healthy

Men’s Health features guidance from HSS sports medicine physician Brett G. Toresdahl, MD, on how to keep joints healthy.

Dr. Toresdahl noted genetics shape the strength of your cartilage, but there are still ways to stabilize, fortify, and pain-proof joints.

He recommended eating well to maintain a healthy weight, incorporating running into a regular routine to keep joints resilient, and doing yoga.

He explained, “Less frequent workouts are even harder for joints; joint inactivity can cause them to lose the support and stability needed to do the work you want them to do. Then you can get into this bad cycle in which pain keeps you inactive, inactivity keeps you weak, and weakness keeps the joint pain going.”

Read the full article at Menshealth.com. This article also appeared in the October 2021 print issue.