17:05 PM

Hospital for Special Surgery to Open Facility in West Palm Beach

Quest Magazine reports HSS will open a 54,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility in West Palm Beach FL [HSS Florida], in early 2020. HSS Florida will offer comprehensive care, including physician consultations, advanced diagnostic and imaging services, high-level rehabilitation, ambulatory surgery, and sports performance programs.

Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO at HSS, Bryan T. Kelly, MD, MBA, surgeon-in-chief and medical director at HSS, and David W. Altchek, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, provided commentary to Quest Magazine on what the opening of the new facility means for patients.

“HSS is coming to Florida to make what is by far the highest quality of musculoskeletal care more convenient for some of the most discerning people in the world,” cited Mr. Shapiro. Dr. Kelly explained the importance of patients receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment by highly trained professionals will provide the best chance for a good outcome. “The same expertise, best practices and knowledge that we offer in New York will be available to our Florida patients,” noted Dr. Kelly. Furthermore, Dr. Altchek, who will be seeing patients at HSS Florida added, “We expect to treat a wide range of ages and conditions, and we are delighted to become a part of this active, vibrant community.”

This appeared in the December 2019 print edition (p. 134) and is also on Quest.com.