12:57 PM

Hospital for Special Surgery Shares Pickleball Injury Prevention Tips

No Volleys highlights a recent seminar at Pickleball America featuring  sports medicine surgeon at HSS and medical director of Major League Pickleball Joshua S. Dines, MD, and  sports medicine surgeon at HSS Carl M. Cirino, MD, who shared tips for preventing pickleball injuries. 

“There was an article in The Wall Street Journal talking about the cost of pickleball, the cost of all these hip replacements,” Dr. Dines said at the event. “It wasn’t pickleball that caused it. It was maybe being more active, which I wouldn’t say is a bad thing that led to this. So it’s not a true cause and effect.”

It’s important to have proper court shoes. Running shoes have a curve to it, which helps propel you forward. That’s not what we want in pickleball, we want a stable flat base,” said Dr. Cirino.

“When you’re buying shoes, they don’t have to be pickleball specific. A tennis court shoe, squash court shoe—something with flat sturdy bottoms to avoid tripping and falling,” he said.

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