11:33 AM

Hospital for Special Surgery discharging final COVID-19 patients, initiating 'enterprise-wide antibody testing'

Becker’s Spine Review reports after seven weeks since ceasing all nonessential surgeries, HSS is making a gradual return to performing selective nonessential urgent orthopedic procedures at three outpatient facilities.

HSS associate surgeon-in-chief, Douglas E. Padgett, MD, explained the pivot of HSS at the onset of the pandemic, citing, "We effectively converted into a med-surge hospital to help our partner New York Presbyterian Hospital, which was being overwhelmed by patients. We accepted in transfer a number of critically ill patients with COVID-19, including patients requiring ventilator support." He added, “We took our ninth-floor suite of ambulatory surgery ORs and post-anesthesia care unit and converted them into a COVID-19-ICU unit. We also converted several of our patient floors and turned them into COVID-19 units.”

Dr. Padgett discussed the transition of the hospital back to a dedicated musculoskeletal center, with the implementation of a return to new normal process. “We're taking all the COVID-19 floors and doing a terminal clean, using disinfectants and other types of cleaning agents to sanitize all of the floors and surfaces," he said. "Items that are difficult to clean such as drapes and cloths are all discarded."

Dr. Padgett also detailed the processes for screening patients and staff for COVID-19, and the ways routine patient interactions have changed. "Hopefully we can return to the days of a handshake, a warm hug and the intimate relationship, which had developed with patients in the past. However, in the short run, the new norm is going to be social distancing, the use of PPE and increasing use of telehealth. But I bet in the end, healthcare will be a lot more safe and efficient,” he said

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