08:00 AM

Hip Replacement Surgery Pain: No Benefit To IV Acetaminophen over Pills

MedicalResearch.com interviews Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, on his recent study that found there was no benefit to IV acetaminophen over pills.

In the Q&A, Dr. Westrich explains that his study highlights the HSS multimodal analgesia protocol as an effective method of pain control for patients having hip surgery with very high patient satisfaction.

"Every patient is different, and how to optimize multimodal therapy for a given patient is an important field of research.  At HSS, research is ongoing in the area of pain management, including both randomized trials of various other pain medications and also other pain management protocols.  Clearly, our ability to reduce pain following surgery is of paramount importance and we will continue to focus our efforts to achieve these goals," says Dr. Westrich.

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