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Hip Joints: Is Preservation or Replacement the Best Option?

Women's Health Advisor featured HSS hip and knee surgeon Edwin P. Su, MD, in an article about treatment options for osteoarthritis in the hip.  

"When determining the best treatment option, the factors that are considered are age, sex, and whether or not there is cartilage loss within the joint. In cases where there is significant cartilage loss, then total joint replacement is the best treatment option. However, among younger patients whose cartilage is intact, joint preservation may be the best option," said Dr. Su.

He noted that joint preservation typically helps younger patients with minimal arthritis in order to prevent them from needing a joint replacement in the future. However, if there is pre-existing arthritis, the results may not be completely successful.

"For patients with chronic pain in their hip joints, the best treatment strategy can be determined by an experienced orthopedic doctor who listens to the problem, examines the patient and obtains the proper imaging studies," added Dr. Su.

This article appeared in the May 2018 print issue.