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HealthWatch: Ankle Replacement Has Made Serious Strides

CBS New York's medical correspondent Dr. Max Gomez reports on new advances in ankle replacement.

He interviews Jonathan T. Deland, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, as well as his patient, Frosty Blakeslee, who underwent the procedure a few years ago.

"My ankle hurt 24/7. I had to think about how I walked up the stairs and down the stairs from the kitchen to the living room," said Blakeslee, who is a certified professional ski instructor.

Blakeslee found Dr. Deland who recommended an ankle replacement over a fusion. He showed her a new generation prostheses that restores nearly normal function.

"Patients get good relief of pain, they can have little discomfort," said Dr. Deland. "It's like a 'wow operation'. They go 'wow, this is terrific!'"

Blakeslee regained 100 percent mobility and is able to get back on the slopes.

Watch the segment at NewYork.CBSLocal.com.