21:32 PM

Had COVID-19? Here’s How to Get Back to Exercise After Recovery

STRONG Fitness Magazine discusses how to return to exercise after recovering from COVID-19 according to HSS sports medicine surgeon Karen M. Sutton, MD.

Dr. Sutton and her colleagues developed a guideline for returning to exercise for recreational athletes following mild to moderate cases of COVID-19, and suggest resting for 10 full days after symptom onset and seven days after symptom resolution. While most mild to moderate cases see recovery in 5-7 days, doctors say there is “an apparent heightened risk of deterioration in respiratory status between days 7 and 14.” Once fully recovered, HSS physicians agree to the 50/30/20/10 four-week strategy developed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association Joint committee. 

“If athletes struggle to return to play due to chest pain or shortness of breath after a COVID-19 infection, a comprehensive cardiac evaluation should occur,” advised Dr. Sutton. Modifications are necessary depending on the severity of the virus, and it could take months rather than weeks to work out at your full intensity. “I think the key is being mindful of your body and paying attention to cues that either your body is recovering well, or that you may need more time to progress with the intensity of typical exercises and sports,” added Dr. Sutton. “Oftentimes, keeping a log of how difficult daily training was is helpful in following trends.”

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