20:52 PM

Good Day New York

Good Day New York interviewed Rock G. Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, DSc, director of the non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at HSS, who shared tips to prevent foot and ankle injuries as a result from increased walking activity.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Positano noted people are doubling, even tripling, the amount of time they are walking. He advised to increase your walking gradually. “Don’t go from walking one mile a day to five miles a day. That is a prescription for disaster. The body is not accustomed to that dramatic increase.”

Dr. Positano also recommended wearing supportive footwear. “Wearing flip flops or things that are very soft. Even though they may feel good, they offer no or little support to the arch and the lower leg, which of course will affect the knee, the hip and the back.”

This segment aired during the 9AM news hour on August 4, 2020.