10:15 AM

Ginger for Arthritis Pain: Does It Work? Will It Help?

Experts including HSS rheumatologist Susan M. Goodman, MD discuss the effectiveness of ginger as a natural remedy and anti-inflammatory to help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Dr. Goodman noted any effects that ginger may have seem to be on relieving symptoms, not on the actual course of arthritis disease itself. “The effect of ginger on arthritis appears limited to mild pain relief — no studies have demonstrated an important effect on disease modification,” she explained. “This is especially important for people with rheumatoid arthritis, as there are excellent disease-modifying medications available, while osteoarthritis patients do not have good disease modifying medicines.”

Dr. Goodman advised to seek caution when taking ginger as a supplement for arthritis. “I don’t recommend ginger supplements, as there are many better studied, more effective treatments.” People on blood-thinning medications should talk to their doctor before taking ginger. “While ginger may help with mild nausea, and may help relieve mild pain, it may also increase the tendency to bleed, so this may be a concern for some people who are at risk for bleeding due to an underlying condition or medications,” said Dr. Goodman. “Ginger in teas or through cooking are less likely to provide levels that are high enough to cause adverse effects.” She added, “A diet rich in fatty fish, utilizing ginger and turmeric in seasonings may help some patients gain better control of their pain and stiffness due to arthritis.”

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