07:00 AM

Fox 5 New York: August 15, 2018

In a Fox 5 New York segment, the Adaptive Sports Academy at HSS hosted an adaptive surfing day in Long Beach, Long Island for pediatric patients.

Patients and parents alike enjoyed the change of environment from their day-to-day physical therapy.

"She feels more than free, in her words like the other boys and girls," said mother Andrea McDonald about her 6-year-old daughter Brooklyn who has cerebral palsy.

Bridget A. Assip PT, DPT, PCS, physical therapist at HSS who was on-site during the event, said "today it's honestly all about them. It's so amazing to see their smiles, their motivation, to see them just excited to do something that's completely different for them."

"When I'm in the water my body can do anything," said patient Sadsidorela Lleeshi.

This segment aired during the August 15, 2018 broadcast.