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Former JHS football star receives ‘Honored Hero’ award

Jericho News Journal reports on Jericho High School football star Brandt Morgan receiving the ‘Honored Hero’ award

At age 15, Brandt Morgan found himself facing a challenge few could imagine. The Jericho High School quarterback was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s T-cell lymphoma, a rare type of cancer.

During his cancer treatment, Brandt had two goals: to get well and to play football again. As soon as he could, he resumed training while receiving chemotherapy treatment, setting up a makeshift gym in his hospital room. Side effects of the grueling treatment weren’t Brandt’s only challenge. At one point, he had to overcome neuropathy in his legs that made walking difficult. He dealt with listeria and appendicitis that required another four-week hospitalization.

Brandt received the “Honored Hero” award from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which pays tribute to individuals who inspire others with their stories of strength and courage.

For his outstanding character and determination, Brandt previously received the USA Football “Heart of a Giant” award presented by HSS and the New York Giants. The award recognizes high school football players in the tri-state area who demonstrate an unparalleled work ethic, extraordinary dedication and a passion for the game.

In 2022, Brandt  faced another challenge that brought him to HSS. The cancer treatment had contributed to the development of a condition called osteonecrosis in his right knee. 

Scott Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS performed a surgery known as OATS – osteochondral autograft transfer surgery. “The procedure consisted of taking a piece of cartilage and bone from a non-weightbearing portion of his right knee and transplanting it to the area of the lesion,” Dr. Rodeo explained. “Because of the size of the area to be treated, I used a similar graft from his left knee as well. We also used some bone graft from the iliac crest near the hip.” 

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