21:53 PM

Foley, Carbone win battle with ACL injuries

The Trumbell Times reports on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries of lifelong friends and athletes Calyn Carbone (cross country) and Elizabeth Foley (soccer) during their junior year of high school. Both Carbone and Foley underwent ACL repair surgeries performed by HSS sports medicine surgeon Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD.

Dr. Hannifan noted, “Elizabeth and Calyn are both bright, mature and remarkable young women who handled their injuries by working hard to return to their sports. Elizabeth injured her knee playing soccer, which she plays year-round. She was able to return to practice and non-contact drills at 7 months and full return at 10 months. Calyn decided to focus on her running seasons rather than returning as the running sports were more important to her.”

On ACL recovery, Dr. Hannifan counseled, “It is important for the athlete to see progression from being an injured athlete to a recovering athlete to a fully competitive athlete. The process is slow but understanding the process and the goals of recovery seems to help a lot.”

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