20:12 PM

Florida's Finest

Outpatient Surgery Magazine spotlights HSS Florida in its 2021 Surgical Construction issue, discussing the purpose behind the development and design of the facility. In addition to joint replacement and other elective procedures, HSS Florida offers diagnostic testing, comprehensive rehabilitation and sports performance programs, with a clear purpose to provide a total patient experience under one roof.

Ryan W. Simovitch, MD, sports medicine surgeon and Associate Medical Director of Ambulatory Services at HSS Florida, explained the leadership team was determined to create a welcoming environment. The waiting area includes a calming color scheme of pastel blues and grays, and features floor-to-ceiling windows offering sweeping ocean-facing views of intracoastal Palm Beach Island. The design sets a serene scene that is carried throughout the entire facility, noted Dr. Simovitch.

HSS is dedicated to preventing bottlenecks in the sterile processing department, which is comprised of top-of-the-line washing and sterilizing equipment. You can only run as efficiently as your sterile processing department can reprocess instruments, cited Dr. Simovitch.

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