11:25 AM

Fellow Health Partners Honors Dr. Kethy Jules-Elysee

Fellow Health Partners highlights the humanitarian work of HSS anesthesiologist Kethy M. Jules-Elysee, MD, and her passion for helping others.

Dr. Jules-Elysee is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti in ongoing crisis. She said, “In 2010, I went to Haiti to help with the earthquake and saw so many terrible things including the consequences of very poor health care access. It affected me so deeply that I decided to go back every year after that and even twice a year in 2012.”

Dr. Jules-Elysee continued, “The most important thing is to treat people with respect. I attend to the very poor and they haven’t been treated as they should by certain doctors. They need to feel valued as a human being. I listen to their symptoms which is the first thing about medicine. They are sometimes shocked by the way you act – they see how much you care – they are surprised – they see how you treat people as human beings.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has been difficult but Dr. Jules-Elysee has continued to help from afar. “With the recent earthquake, I managed to have the leadership at HSS send surgical supplies to Haiti, medicine and anesthetics that could save lives and improve outcomes,” she noted.

Most recently, Dr. Jules-Elysee has helped to organize a group called “Women in Medicine and Science” at HSS. “Along with Dr. Anne Kelly and Dr. Kanupriya Kumar, we just formed a group of 100 women at HSS in January 2021, as part of Women in Medicine (WIMS). The goal is to encourage other women and help them navigate their careers in medicine. The group has decided to help with Haiti right now,” she explained.

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