16:00 PM

How To Prevent And Correct Back Pain From Driving

Fatherly discusses ways to relieve lower back pain from driving according to James F. Wyss, MD, PT, physiatrist and co-director of the Athletes Spine Program at HSS. 

“The back pain you experience from a long time spent in the car is due to the pressure on the discs in your back,” explained Dr. Wyss. “These discs act as a shock absorber between the vertebrae.”

He continued “You can have more or less load on the discs in your back depending on how you sit," noting “If you are leaning forward, you greatly increase pressure compared to leaning back and using the back rest.” Additionally, Dr. Wyss recommended scheduling a few stops along the way to stand up and walk as this takes pressure off the back. “You are taking the body out of a flexed position by walking, which lessens the load on your discs,” he said. Furthermore, Dr. Wyss advised stretching during the trip, citing “If the discs are under pressure, muscles tighten up around it, causing that feeling of tightness. He concluded “I generally advise doing movements that bring spine into extension," and recommended stretches for relief. 

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