09:06 AM

Facing Mental Health Challenges as an Olympic Athlete

Verywell Mind underscores mental health for elite athletes is heightened when facing a stressful environment like the Olympics in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Julia M. Kim, PhD, psychologist at HSS, provides guidance on asking for help.

Dr. Kim encouraged athletes to ask for help to get the insight needed for dealing with mental health issues. She said, “Knowledge is power. Getting the help you need, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and human, shows wisdom, courage, and strength.”

Dr. Kim said she wants athletes “to experience mental health care as acceptable, encouraged and considered part of one’s overall training.”

“Olympians are not superhuman. They are humans with exceptional abilities, who also have a life outside of their sport. They undergo tremendous stress and pressure with both internal and external high expectations,” she added.

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