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Experts: Staying fit important but don't exercise through pain

Palm Beach Daily News reporter John Nelander writes on the importance of addressing physical issues before working out. 

"Never exercise through pain," said Jaime Edelstein, PT, DScPT, COMT, OCS, CSCS, physical therapist and assistant vice president of regional onsite rehabilitation facilities at HSS, during the 'HSS in Florida' panel event at the Breakers.

Edelstein explained how there's a bell curve in terms of motivation to stay fit. A honest assessment of where you land on that curve can point you in the direction of a fitness program that will actually work.

Healthy longevity is based not only on exercise but also on balance, sleep and social ties.

According to Edelstein, good balance can help tone core fitness and sharpen reaction times which leads to long-term benefits.

She also underlined the importance of setting realistic goals.

"People set huge, lofty goals, but then they seem insurmountable, and they don't even want to start. If you make all of the goals attainable and then incrementally reach those goals over time, you're going to get to the end point," said Edelstein.

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