12:39 PM

EULAR 2020: 50+ Updates That Could Change the Way You Treat Your Arthritis

CreakyJoints discusses medical breakthroughs presented at the 2020 EULAR virtual meeting that could change the management of rheumatic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

According to new data, seeing a rheumatologist shortly after the onset of RA symptoms leads to better outcomes. HSS rheumatologist, Theodore R. Fields, MD, FAACP, who was not involved with this research, provided commentary on the findings, noting, “They [researchers] found that patients who saw a rheumatologist within six weeks were more likely to ultimately be in remission without strong RA medication than those seen in seven to 12 weeks or more than 12 weeks.” Dr. Fields added, “This argues for earlier referral of patients with RA to a rheumatologist.”

Findings of a separate study also indicate RA patients who are in remission should not taper the dose of their biologics. “This study raises questions about whether to taper a TNF inhibitor in view of the high flare rate. However, since patients did well with restart of the TNF inhibitor, tapering and withdrawal is still an option for some patients,” explained Dr. Fields.

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